Mr A is 11 months!

August 6, 2014 at 10:00 pm

So I’m a few days behind! but I’ve been busy editing lots of great sessions! But I was able to get in a quick 11 month shoot of my little guy! He is EVERYWHERE these days! I’m about to nickname him Speedy Gonzales cause I’ll put him down and if I do any sort of task other than watching his every move, chances are I’m running after him to save him from pain or some other furry creature from pain. Any moment I’m not watching his every move, I’m either feeding this chubster or baby proofing! He’s crusin’ these days and will push off from surfaces, hang for a moment and then fall to the floor….good thing he’s not far from it! Walking is really just a matter of him realizing he can actually do it. And because walking will mean more independence from Mom, his severe attachment to me might buy me a couple more months! This exhausted mommy can only hope!!

A few of his favorite things: Mom (he’s a bit obsessed these days!), cars, balls, ears (yes, ears) and the color orange! He’s gravitated towards all things orange for the last several months! However, Sweet potatoes are a No-No food! All other food he LOVES!! Can’t you tell, my Tubby-Chubby loves food?! Oh and by the way, if he ever head butts you gently or not-so-gently, it’s actually his way of giving you some love!