My baby is getting big!

April 2, 2014 at 9:39 am

Hard to believe he was a preemie, this lil guy seems to be growing every day and it makes me want to cry but also shout for joy! I’m so happy and relieved that he is healthy and growing wonderfully, but he’s my last baby and I kinda want him to stay a baby! Yesterday we celebrated his 7 months in this great, big beautiful world by doing a little session that I’d share with you all! This little guy is my sunshine, he’s rarely sad, and always bestows plenty of smiles! He is loving life these days! We’ll see if that keeps up once he starts cutting teeth! He’s sitting like a pro now-a-days and loves to stand at the couch and play! He’s getting to the point where he gets excited and tries to jump! Don’t worry Mom stays close by to catch him when the excitement is just too much for his balance! Thanks for letting this mama brag about her cutie pie!