My Lil Man’s 6th B-day Portraits

August 12, 2013 at 3:47 pm

For his 6th Birthday photos, I wanted to partly re-create a photo shoot that I had previously done with him. The thing was, I was completely blown away that 4 years has passed since this last shoot. How has so much time passed?! He’s growing so quickly! Time just seems to speed up more and more each day. This is partly why I take so many pictures of my own family! I need to capture these moments, milestones and memories!

These were taken when he was 2 years old! Wasn’t he so adorable!?



And these were taken for his 6th Birthday! Many things have changed, but he’s still so adorable! You can really tell how much my photography skills have improved, eh!?



I sure do love this lil man of mine!!