It’s Great to be 8, Double the Joy

March 11, 2016 at 12:19 pm

I was going through my blog, making sure my tags were placed and I was up-to-date and then I noticed….I had missed a very important post back in September. Yikes! You know that age-old where the middle child kinda gets the shaft. :( Well, my sweet, amazing and wonderful middle child turned 8 in August, baptized in September! And we totally had an amazing “Great to be 8” Session with his cousin who is the same age….but I with lots of other things going on, it failed to make it onto the blog. At least, that’s all I forgot! *teehee* My sweet Boy Blue, as lovingly called by his maternal grandmother, is one of those incredibly happy kids that loves every last drop of fun out of life! He is known for always stopping and smelling the flowers, every time, and is loyal through and through! He and his cousin were born 2 weeks apart in August and both missed the Stake cut-off so we got special permission (as you have to here in Utah when you live in different areas) to combine the boys’ baptisms! I’m so glad we were able to do that. I love that my kids have cousins around the same ages as theirs! Cousins make growing up fun! I’m proud of these 2 boys and all that they are!








9 months!

June 5, 2014 at 2:16 pm

It’s been quite the wild ride we’ve gone through in the past 9 months, but we’re all the better for it! Especially this little guy who continues to amaze me and spread his happy personality everywhere we go! It warms my heart when people stop what they’re doing to come closer to see this happy baby! Sure it makes my errands take 30% longer….but it is so worth it to see the impact that this amazing little soul has on others. Even though he is a lot more work than the others were, he truly is my sunshine. All three of them are! I grow more and more in love with these 3 kids every day and I am so lucky to be their mama!





 Yes, he is on the move! Not fully crawling just yet, but he sure gets around. Got to keep my eye on him always! If you look real close you can see that little tooth that caused mama to lose a month of good sleep!