J Family Super Session

November 11, 2014 at 4:19 pm

This family may look a little familiar if you’ve been following along. I had the pleasure of taking their extended family pictures earlier this summer. They had a great idea for their session, they opted for a wardrobe change: Superheros! There’s a special little man in this family who really is a Superhero – or more so a HydroHero!


Little T was born with Dandy Walker Syndrome which causes Hydrocephalus. It’s surprising that DW isn’t more well-known since it’s, unfortunately, not very rare. Every 1 out of 2,500 births are diagnosed with DW. They have a saying on their website that says “That’s A Lot When Your Kid’s the One.” Please take a moment to read about these syndromes and donate to it’s cause if you can! There’s no cure…yet!

I know T has his bad days (what kid doesn’t), but this kid sure knows how to enjoy life with such passion and exuberance! This kid loves The Price is Right and seems to have about 5 times more energy than the average 4 year old! His siblings are such peaches when playing with him. His parents…complete angels! This is one “Super” Family!